How To Keep Your Family Healthy

As chiropractors we see the following scenario happen often in our practice: an individual comes into our office for care, and shortly after their entire family is under care too. Why? Because they feel amazing (or witness amazing results) and want the same results for themselves or their family members. This is what happened with the Jenkins Family, who started care at Lombardi Chiropractic shortly after witnessing chiropractics positive impact on their young daughter Annabelles overall health and wellbeing.
When Annabelle was 21 days old, her parents realized that one side of her mouth was droopy. Medical doctors told them that Annabelle would likely have to deal with a droopy smile for rest of her life. However, after several months of chiropractic care, Annabelles smile has improved dramatically! This change prompted Heather (Annabelles Mother) to undergo care for herself. Diagnosed with MS in 2007, Heather was just about to go back onto her injections, but decided not to after experiencing wonderful results with chiropractic care. Many of her MS symptoms were improved by chiropractic, as did her general level of health. An example of this improvement is Heathers increased tolerance to warmer weather. Prior to chiropractic, Heather was not able to be outside during the summer or she would become extremely fatigued. Because of this Heather was not able to be the Mom she always wanted to be. Chiropractic helped Heather sleep better and made the warm weather much more tolerable. She is finally able to go outside with her girls in the summer months!
After witnessing his daughters and wifes amazing results, Michael finally agreed to see Dr. Lombardi. Before undergoing care, he had never really understood chiropractic and was incredibly skeptical. As an electrician, Michael is forced to work in a lot of compromising positions. Chiropractic has helped him maintain his flexibility and keeps him living pain free. He is grateful for this, as well as all of the information Dr. Pete provides his patients. He is grateful for Dr. Lombardi, for now he and his family have the tools and resources they need to make the best health decision for themselves. Real Health is possible; you just need the right people on your team. If you are from the Oneida area, call Dr. Peter Lombardi and book your initial appointment today.

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