Important Points To Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

None of us wants to experience fire. It is very destructive for the soul and property. Not only will you lose what you owned but you can also lose the people you love. As much as possible, we want to prevent this from happening to us.

Here are some helpful guidelines that will prevent fire from occurring:

1.Make sure the proper set up of devices that utilize flame or heat directly. This includes the heaters, cooking stoves, and electric equipments. Understand and apply the precautionary measures that came with the said devices too.

2.Install safety devices in key areas of the house. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are very helpful when the time comes. They can prevent fire from taking over your home and your family.

3.Always attend to items with live flames. This includes candles and cigarettes.

4.When smoking, make sure that you put out the flame completely before disposing it. Do not smoke while lying down because you might fall asleep.

5.Keep the flammable objects away from potential fire starters.
Although we do our best to prevent fire from occurring, we are aware that this does not eliminate the possibility that it will happen. Several circumstances can cause fire at home even if you are careful. One is accident. Another is the negligence of your visitors or neighbors. Lightning and other natural calamities can also lead to fire.

Here are some few tips to ensure the safety of your family whenever a fire breaks:

Make sure that everyone in the house knows where the fire exits are. If you lock it for safety purposes, see to it that the key is accessible.

Conduct a fire drill. It is important that all family members know where to go when there is a fire. They should also know what to do.

Teach everyone how to use the fire devices. They should know how to use the fire blankets you have in the kitchen. If you have fire extinguishers, teach the others how to use it properly. Remember the acronym PASS when using it. This stands for the following:

oP Pull out the pin from the top of the device.

oA Aim for the base of the flame.

oS Squeeze the lever.

oS Sweep, do sweeping motions as you squeeze the lever.

Teach your kids what to do when there is a fire. First, they should find the way out. This makes fire drills important. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

oThey should not stop to pack things

oWhen the smoke gets too thick, crawl

oDo not open doors carelessly

oUse a wet cloth to cover the mouth and nose to prevent suffocation.

Stay calm. This is difficult to achieve. However, it is essential because you will make the best decision if you are calm.

We can do our best to prevent fire. However, there are still circumstances that can cause this. Although we take all precautionary measures, it is still important that we know what to do when it strikes.